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Lee Turner Ba(hons.) MFA TMP




2003 - 2004


Master Printer Training, Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM, USA


2002 - 2003


Printer Training Program, Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque, NM, USA


1996 - 1998


Master of Fine Art, Newcastle University, UK


1993 - 1996


BA(hon.) Fine Art Printmaking, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


1992 - 1993


18+ Foundation / National Diploma, Doncaster College, UK


Related Work Experience




Owner/Master Printer, Hole Editions, Newcastle, UK


Assistant, Gallagher & Turner, Newcastle, UK


Visiting Lecturer, Newcastle University, UK

Instructor, Photo-lithography, Northern Print, Newcastle, UK
Visiting Master Printer, Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ, USA
Instructor, Photo-lithography, Northern Print, Newcastle, UK
Visiting Master Printer, Southern Illinios University at Edwardsville, IL, USA



Visiting Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire, UK



  Demonstrator, Northern Print Studios, North Shields, UK  
        Visiting Lecturer, Newcastle University, UK  
    2004   Visiting Master Printer, The Artists’ Press, White River, RSA  
        Master Printer / Visiting Academic, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ  
    2003   Visiting Lecturer, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA  
    1999   Visiting Lecturer, Newcastle University, UK  
    1998 - 2002   Technician of Printmaking & Digital Processes, University of Sunderland, UK  

Technical Skills


- Expert in hand lithography
- Off-set Lithography
- Framing
- Digital Imaging, Photoshop, web design & general computer skills
- Silkscreen, solvent & water based
- Intaglio, traditional & non-toxic
- Relief, including polymer plates
- Book arts
- Letterpress


Commissions, Collaborations & Editions

  Ben Jeans Houghton, Ant Macari, Zoe Anderson, Iris Priest, Simon Woolham,  
        Rachel Bollen, Ray Richardson  



Todd Anderson, Jock Mooney, Paul Merrick, Mark Dion, Jennifer Douglas,

        Alex Charrington, Narbi Price, Carla Bromhead, Alec Finlay  
  Candice Tripp, Erika Adams, Darren Banks, Graham Firth, Anne Vibeke Mou,  
        Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Andrew Wilson  

Catherine Bertola, Peter J Evans, Julian Davies, Geordie Shepherd,

        Janet Lambert, Eva Bauer, Matt Stokes, Lee Turner, Norman Cornish  
  Peter J Evans, Rachel Bollen, Peter McGlynn, Erika Adams, Ginny Reed,  
        Paul Gallagher, Peter Quinn ARWS  
  Andrew Smith, Tereza Buskova, Paul Henery SWLA, Norman Cornish,  


  The Artists’ Press - William Kentridge, ‘Learning the Flute (Reverse)’ &  
        Robert Hodgins, ‘So?’  
        University of Canterbury - Don Peebles, Andrew Drummond, Tony De Lautour,  

Julia Morison & Simon Ogden


2002 - 2004

  Tamarind Institute, Monotypes - Larry Brown, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith,  
        Debbi Dodge & Sandra Humphries,  
        Tamarind Institute, Editions - Jonathan Lasker, Julian Robles, Gustavo Victor Goler  
        Tamarind Institute, Collaborations - Ruth Root, Larry Brown,  
        Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Hung Liu, Ellen Birkenblit, Daniel Brice,   
        John Morris, Felix Lopez, Kenji Nanao, Will Mentor, Greg Murr, Julia Jacquette  
        Todd Anderson - First Aid for Beautiful People  
        UNM - Todd Anderson, Shannon Hayes, Bea Marti, Emilie Rondeau  
        Melynda Mitchell, Stephanie Wilson  


  Virginia Bodman - Series of OHP Positives for new paintings.  
        Victoria Thompson -  Screen printed Ceramic Transfer Editions  
        & Direct Screen-print Editions on clay.  
        Mike Collier -  Screen-prints, The Gallery, Stanley Civic Hall, Stanley  
        Prof. Zora Palova -  Digital Manipulation and Prints  
        Craig Knowles - Photo Etched plaque for restored Whingate Summerhouse.  
        Catherine Bertola - ‘Capital,’ Screen-prints  
        Audrey Hardy - Lithograph Edition  
        Jennie Brockington - Lithograph Edition  
        NGC - Designs for Business Cards  


  Audrey Hardy - Lithograph Edition  
        Sharon McJannet - ‘Shrimp,’ A La Poupee Photo Etching Edition  
        Karl Fisher - Photo Etched Copper plaque for ‘Hide Tide’ Sculpture,  
        Sunderland Yacht Club, part of the St. Peter's Riverside Sculpture Project.  
        University of Sunderland, School of Education -  
        Edition of T-Shirts for Great North Run  
        David Stevens - 2 Etchings  
        Ian Ainsley - Photo Etched Brass plaque for wind-up hair dryer model.  
        Arthur Foster - Screen-print Editions  
        Dick Ward - Series of 6 Screen-prints  
        James Hutchinson - ‘New Mapping,’ Photo Etching  
        Victor Hulik - Suite of Digital Prints  
        Sharon McJannet - ‘An Inkling,’ Relief Printed Paper with Emboss  
        Geraldine Convery - Screen-print  


  Ed Tillotson - Screen-print Edition  
        Virginia Bodman - Digital work for ‘Between,’ The Gymnasium Gallery, Berwick  
        Alison Hair - Digital Work & Banners for ‘Staging the Dance.’  
        Dick Ward - Etching  

Group Shows

    2009   ‘PRINT,'  Mushroom Works Gallery, Newcastle. Print City, Northern Print Biennale  
        ‘Print Zero - Print Exchange #6,'  Print Zero Studios, Seattle  
        ‘NU Print,'  Ex-Libris Gallery, Newcastle University  
    2008   'Footprint International Print Exhibition,' Center for Contemporary Printmaking  
        'SPGW,' Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, Torfaen, Wales  
    2007   'SPGW,' Naughton Gallery, Queen's University, Belfast  
        'SPGW,' Bankside Gallery, London  
        'SPGW,' Y Tabernacl - Museum for Modern Art for Wales, Machynlleth, Wales  
    2006   Human Zoo, Northumbria University Gallery, Newcastle  
    2002   ‘Majority Rules,’ Free Gallery, Glasgow  
        ‘Agenda,’  Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle  
    2001 - 2002   ‘Int. Small Print Biennale,’ The Morley/The Walk Gallery, London  
        ‘Christmas Mini Prints, Art Link Exchange, Hull  
    2001   ‘RCA Secret,’ Royal College of Art, Gulbenkian Galleries, London  
        ‘Summer Exhibition,’ Northumbria University Gallery, Newcastle  
    2000   ‘Exchange Exhibition,’ Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland &  
        Campbell Hall Gallery, Western Oregon University  
        ‘Absolute Secret,’ Royal College of Art, Gulbenkian Galleries, London  
    1999   ‘Generate,’ VANE99, Low Friars Building, Newcastle  
    1998   ‘ARTfutures,’ Royal Festival Hall, London  
        ‘L Turner & J Matthews.’ Long Gallery, Newcastle University  
        MFA Show,’ Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University  
        ‘Flashpoint 9,’ Globe Gallery, North Shields  
        ‘Boxed In, Spaced Out,’ Globe Gallery, North Shields  
    1997   ‘4,’ Long Gallery, Newcastle University  
        ‘20 by 20cms,’ Northumbria University Gallery, Newcastle  
        ‘Expose,’ Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University  
    1996   ‘Exhibition of Printmakers,’ Long Gallery, Newcastle University  
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